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Distasteful though it is to mention this so soon after her funeral, it seems that the ludicrous rumours about an “occult-link” in Vicky’s disappearance and death will not go away.

Following the South China Morning Post article which ran that angle early this month, the Filipino Globe, a free Filipino newspaper circulated here in Hong Kong and in Manila, regurgitated the claim in its May print edition not long after.

In an article entitled “Bizarre twist in Discovery Bay Pinay’s death”, Jose Marcello mentioned a letter in Latin and text messages in Tagalog that both contained “strange references”.

Note that neither publication quoted any of the text messages in full.

The messages do NOT contain “strange references”. Maricris Rice, who has actually read the messages, unlike the reporters from the SCMP and the Globe, says that they contain playful references to rural Batangas folklore, and questions about whether Vicky wanted any herbal medicine to cope with aches and pains.

A sworn statement by the person with whom Vicky was swapping texts backs this up. No occult references, at all.

However, the police have refused to release the letter written in Latin, which Vicky’s sister Irene should have been able to collect as a personal affect. That fact, and what now seems like multiple leaks to the media, suggests that the police are pursuing a premeditated line of investigation.

We began agitating for a thorough and transparent police investigation into this situation because there was little evidence of cultural sensitivity in police attitudes towards the case.

It is a sad reflection on the law in Hong Kong that there is not yet any sign of change.


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As most of you who are living in Discovery Bay will know, there are many rumours circulating about what might or might not have happened to Vicky on the night she disappeared. Everyone is obviously wondering why she fled, but some of the rumours coming to our attention are bizarre to say the least.

All of the major facts that are known in the case and have been released to the public are available on this blog. We have also been careful to offer as much information about what is happening to pressure the authorities and support Vicky’s family as possible. The administrator, Mike Poole, might have forgotten something but it would not have been intentional. All errors are corrected as soon as they are detected.

Some of the links are no longer active in the earlier posts – they will be fixed or removed on the weekend.

Something we can add tonight to squash some of the more recent rumours is that Vicky’s sister Irene has seen the body and it has no puncture or stab wounds.

In partial response to one of the comments in the sidebar here, we mentioned the ludicrous South China Morning Post article of 4 May that claimed Vicky had occult links because it, too, was little else than rumour. The reporter, by the way, was Mary Ann Benitez.

The obvious difficulty for everyone either involved in or concerned about the situation is that there is so little information and so much suspicion. The Coroner’s Office has told us that the release of the autopsy report is “pending”. We are unsure of how to interpret that, and Vicky’s sister Irene is returning to the Philippines next week, but we will report on it when the details are available.

In the meantime, we will give any further details on the planned memorial service tomorrow. Currently, the funeral parlour is baulking at a large gathering, as it does not have much space available.

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