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We thank everyone who has left comments here, especially in the last few days. Our policy is to allow all comments regardless of whether they agree or disagree with anything we have posted. Please feel free to write about the situation, or criticise our coverage if you feel that is warranted.

Blog administrator Mike Poole answers specific questions by email if he has any information to give, but he currently has no information that hasn’t already been posted here.

As a group, including the Discovery Bay residents named in earlier posts, Vicky’s sister Irene, her aunt Edith, Bethune House and the Mission for Filipino Migrant Workers, we feel it important to provide coverage of every significant thing we do in relation to Vicky’s disappearance and death. Hence, the recent inclusion of the letter to the police Chief Inspector on a separate page.

That page, and the letter itself, also reflect our growing belief in the need to discuss wider issues associated not only with migrant worker deaths in Hong Kong, but also with the conditions of employment and general attitudes toward domestic helpers here. As James Rice mentioned at the Rally for Vicky in Admiralty on 27 April, a recently revised electronic version of his handbook on migrant worker rights will be posted here soon.

When we have less to post about Vicky’s case, the blog will be opened to multiple authors for broader coverage or rights-related issues.

Our concern is that people like Vicky be treated fairly under the law, in life as in death. Unfortunately, our recent experience has shown that there is still much inequality in the pursuit of justice in Hong Kong.

We realise that our position will not please all readers, but the Internet is a very democratic arena. Please feel free to register your displeasure or support as a comment. If you fundamentally disagree with us, blogging software is free to use.

The more that these issues are discussed, the better.


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