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The final police report on Vicky’s disappearance and death should be issued within a month. Mr Gil Salceda of the Assistance to Nationals Section at the Philippine Consulate informed Vicky’s sister Irene of the news last Friday, 13 June. Responding to a Consulate inquiry, the police stated that the report would be ready in four weeks.

Any associated information that becomes available before the report is issued will be announced here.


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The Justice for Vicky Flores concern group is currently scrutinising the initial police report on Vicky’s case for inconsistencies. The report was provided by the Tung Chung police to the Philippine Consulate, summarising the case to 22 April. It is not an official report, but does reflect the police approach to the case that we have already questioned.

One possible inconsistency with oral evidence has been identified so far. We will report that inconsistency and any others uncovered when we have cross-checked all available information.

Another significant fact that the report reveals clearly in hindsight is that the autopsy on Vicky’s body was conducted and a finding of death by drowning delivered on 15 April, the day Vicky’s aunt positively identified the body.

The Coroner’s Office did not release an official autopsy report until 20 May – more than a month later, and after repeated requests.

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