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Vicky’s sister Irene attended the Labour Tribunal today, 13 June, but her sister’s former employers did not. However, they did agree by telephone to pay all outstanding salary and long-service entitlements.

Upon receipt of the full payment, Irene will sign an agreement not to pursue further claims against the employers for any salary-related amounts. She will receive the outstanding payment on behalf of her elderly mother, Vicky’s most direct next of kin.


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Vicky’s sister Irene has submitted a claim to the the Labour Tribunal to recover outstanding long-service payments from Vicky’s former employers. She will attend an initial meeting at the Tribunal next Friday, 13 June.

Any relevant details will be reported here when they become available.

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Vicky’s sister Irene will be returning to Hong Kong tomorrow. Her aim on this visit will be to secure the results of the toxicology test from the Coroner’s Office, follow up the police investigation, and take the case for payment of her sister’s overdue salary and long service entitlement to the Labour Tribunal.

A feature of Labour Tribunal procedure in the initial phase is that no lawyers can be present. This means that Vicky’s former employers must enter the conciliation meeting without their solicitor, who has been representing them in the matter to date.

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