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A representative of the Philippine Consulate here in Hong Kong has finally contacted the Coroner’s Office, inquiring about whether an inquest will be held into Vicky’s disappearance and death. The Coroner is apparently still considering the case.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates when they come to hand.


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When recently approached by a member of the Justice for Vicky Flores concern group, the Assistance to Nationals Section of the Philippine Consulate here in Hong Kong was unaware that the police had finalised their investigation into Vicky’s disappearance and death. Section head Mr Gill Salceda indicated that he would attempt to contact Vicky’s family with the news, including the Coroner’s consideration of an inquest.

A representative of the Consulate could well be considered a Properly Interested Person under Schedule 2, Part 9 of the Coroners Ordinance, which would allow them to know when a decision is made about an inquest before the scheduling is announced publicly. Any contact with Vicky’s family now would certain help when requesting to be granted that status.

We urge the Consulate and Mr Salceda to follow through and make official contact once more.

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As mentioned briefly in the South China Morning Post today, 14 August, the North Lantau police have finalised their investigation into Vicky’s disappearance and death. Their findings have not yet been made public.

In line with standard police procedure, the report has been forwarded to the Coroner, who will consider whether an inquest is necessary.

Given the publicity surrounding both Vicky’s death and the investigation into it, an inquest seems likely, but is in no way guaranteed. Further news will be reported here as soon as it becomes available.

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The ex-mayor of Lobo, Vicky’s home town in Batangas, the Philippines, has organised for a second autopsy to be held when her body returns next week. Regardless of the findings delivered in the autopsy report issued here in Hong Kong, this will help Vicky’s family rest assured that every avenue has been searched in explaining her death.

The Justice for Vicky concern group has assured Vicky’s family, through her aunt and her sister Irene, that we will continue to pressure the police to ensure that their investigation is thorough and without prejudice.

We will also be paying careful attention to the autopsy report when it is released and pushing for an inquest should that possibility fall within the very broad scope of the law.

Addendum: An earlier version of this post carried ‘inquest’ rather than ‘autopsy’ in the title and text. Our apologies for the mistake.

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