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The autopsy on Vicky’s body has been completed, except for a toxicity test that will be undertaken at a government laboratory. This could still take another month and a half, given the number of other cases already being processed by the laboratory. We will provide any available updates on the process when they come to hand.

Permission has been sought from the Coroner’s Office for the release of the autopsy report before the toxicity results are appended, so that Vicky’s family can make any necessary decisions about what happens next. Although autopsy reports are not usually released early, we believe that this case involves exceptional circumstances.

Vicky’s body can now be repatriated to the Philippines if her family or her employers – which is permissible under Hong Kong law – wish to do so. Any news in this area will be reported here later in the week, with the family’s permission.


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Another set of photos from the rallies calling for justice for Vicky Flores has been made available at Flickr.

The photostream title is ‘Justice for Vicky Rally 28Apr08’ and the full address is:

Included are photos of the final stage of the Admiralty rally outside the Police Headquarters, amongst others. Thanks very much to Lulu for making her photos available.


The videos that have appeared on this blog, and a few more clips, can be viewed on the DbayCommunity channel at YouTube. The full address is:


Thanks to Aida for taking the video.

We’re collecting this material online to ensure the widest possible exposure. It is very important that people outside of Hong Kong are informed of what is happening in response to Vicky’s disappearance and death.

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Photo by Lulu Zuniga-Carmine, used with permissionThe rallies held yesterday, 27 April, in Discovery Bay and Admiralty combined to send a single message – that anything but a thorough investigation into the disappearance and death of Vicky Flores will not be tolerated. The very good turnout in Discovery Bay showed the depth of community concern about the issue, and the Admiralty rally allowed us to join with those on Hong Kong side while presenting copies of our petition to the Philippine Consulate and Hong Kong police.

Discovery Bay

The Discovery Bay rally filled the forecourt of the International School, with speakers standing on a parked crane to address the crowd. In attendance were Vicky’s sister Irene, her aunt and her godmother. Speakers included representatives from the Highlander organisation, the JIL church, a migrant group from Iloilo in the Philippines and various migrant worker organisations. Vicky’s aunt also spoke, and James Rice conducted the proceedings.

James, Discovery Bay resident and author of Take Your Rights Seriously, a legal rights handbook for migrant workers, spoke about the importance of justice, and how it encompassed concern and respect.

The rally concluded with a group walk to the Discovery Bay Plaza, which allowed us to show local residents just how many people were concerned about the investigation into Vicky’s disappearance and death.


Photo by Lulu Zuniga-Carmine, used with permissionThe rally in Harcourt Garden, Admiralty gathered together concerned people from Discovery Bay and the Hong Kong and Kowloon sides of the harbour. Vicky’s sister and aunt were again in attendance. Beginning in the Garden and moving to the Philippine Consulate across the street, the rally ended outside the Hong Kong Police Headquarters.

Eman Villanueva, Secretary-General of UNIFIL-HK, began the rally with a simple statement – that people were very carefully watching how the police conducted their investigation into Vicky’s death.

Copies of the petition were delivered to both the Philippine Consulate and a police representative during the rally. Benefiting from the commitment and organisation of migrant worker groups, and from television coverage on TVB, we are confident that both rallies put additional pressure on the Hong Kong government to deliver the justice that Vicky deserves.

Next Steps

Much of what happens now is up to Vicky’s family, who are awaiting delivery of the autopsy report. Members of our group with legal and medical experience will provide advice on what the report means. We will keep you up to date on any developments.

In the medium term, James Rice has agreed to make a revised edition of his book on migrant worker legal concerns, Take Your Rights Seriously, available for free online. We will announce where it will be available when the revisions have been completed.

Photo by Aida Poole, used with permissionThis blog will continue to carry any available news on the investigation into Vicky’s disappearance and death, and links to relevant media reports or other online coverage. Our thanks go to everyone who attended the rallies and everyone who didn’t but showed their support in phone calls, blog comments and emails. We have passed all messages on to Vicky’s family.

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Photos Made Available

RFF pass the camera project, by StarbuckGuy, with Creative Commons licenceAn album of 28 photos from the vigil on Thursday 17 April and the Discovery Bay rally yesterday is now available through Picasa. Just click on the first photo to enter the album.

Our thanks to the photographer for making the photos available.

The full address is: http://picasaweb.google.com/remembering.vicky.

The main rally post, including photos and video, will be online later today.

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The rallies in both Discovery Bay and Admiralty were well attended today, sending a message to the Hong Kong authorities that the investigation into Vicky’s death has many very concerned onlookers.

More details, including photographs and video clips of both rallies, will be posted as soon as they can be uploaded tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the South China Morning Post carried two very good articles on the situation today – a update on page 3 and a wide-ranging feature article on page 13. Links to the articles and any other online coverage of today’s activities will be provided tomorrow.

Many thanks go to all those who attended the two rallies.

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Police Contact Numbers

If you have any factual information about Vicky from immediately before or at any time after she left her employers’ residence, please contact the police at:

Telephone: 2988-2330

24-Hour Lines: 2988-2369 or 2988-2370

Fax: 2988-8976

If you know anyone who has any such information and has not contacted the police, please encourage them to do so.

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As we mentioned yesterday, rallies calling for justice for Vicky will be held tomorrow in Discovery Bay and Admiralty. Both rallies will be attended by Vicky’s sister and aunt.

Discovery Bay 11:30 AM to 1 PM

We have received permission from City Management to stage a rally in the Discovery Bay International School forecourt. The details are as follows:

Start Time: 11:30 AM, after the DBIS church services

Programme: From 12 noon, sharing, speeches and condolences will be delivered

Conclusion: 1 PM, after which those who wish to can walk together to the Plaza and disperse. The Plaza will not be a meeting place – just a point from which to catch transportation.

City management has been supportive, and the Plaza was ruled out as a venue only because it will be partly hosting the Bonaqua Sprint at around the same time. That event will end at noon, so City Management has advised the ferry service of the likely increase in passengers travelling to Central before 2 PM.

Police have been invited to the Plaza to oversee the crowd for the Bonaqua Sprint – their presence in the area will be incidental to our rally.

Admiralty 1 PM to 3:30 PM

The Admiralty rally will be held in Harcourt Garden (MTR exits E1 or E2). Harcourt Garden is across Rodney Street from the United Centre, which houses the Philippine Consulate. The details are as follows:

Start Time: Congregate between 1 PM and 2 PM in the designated rally area

Programme: From 2 PM, sharing, speeches and condolences. At 2:30 PM a group of 20 representatives will move across Rodney Street to deliver copies of the petition to the Philippine Consulate. The programme will continue in Harcourt Garden

Conclusion: 3:30 PM

If you plan to attend either or both rallies, please wear white if you can. We hope to see many of you tomorrow.

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